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Design Process

Consultation / Quotation

Initial Talks

Contact us for a no obligation discussion. We will take time to understand your requirements, answer your questions and explain how we can help your business.

Fixed-price quote

We will send you a no-obligation quote with details of the work required.


30% of agreed fee. Balance to paid on completion.

Content Provision

Register domains

If required, we will register domain name(s) on your behalf and set up a web hosting account including email accounts.

Detailed discussions

We will carefully analyse your requirements and confirm these via on-site meetings, email and telephone as necessary.

Content provision

You will provide us with detailed information on your company, the products you sell, images and text for your web site. If you cannot supply photos or images we can provide royalty-free images if required.

Approval of website draft

Draft Approval

We will present you with two website drafts which are uploaded to a non public internet address for your approval at this stage of the process you can request changes to the draft.

Second Draft Approval

Based on the changes you requested we will send you a second draft with changes made.

Design Freeze

Once you are happy with the overall design we will place a freeze on the design.

Website Draft Aproved

Content inserted into your website

Once you have approved the overall design we then start to build your website and insert your website content including photos text images and any other information. At this stage you can request minor changes such as text changes.

Once your website is complete we then test your website for broken links, web browser functionality and coding.

Balance of payment required

Once your website is complete we require the balance to be paid before your website goes live on the internet. When payment has been received we will issue you with all passwords and usernames associated with your website including login details for email.

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