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Web Design & Development

There is no standard template for a business and there should be no standard template for your company's web presence.

At PerroVista, we are proud of the fact that all of our client projects are custom built around their specific goals and requirements.

We feel that it's not simply enough to design attractive websites. We understand that your web presence must be designed to accurately portray and represent your business to a potential online client base. PerroVista’s design team is expert in this area.

Professionally designed, attractive, and effective websites are a matter of course for all of our clients' web projects. Equally so are well designed navigation systems and features that address the target audience needs.

We design to the highest possible standards emphasizing the importance of accessibility & usability. All projects designed by PerroVista comply with the WAI initiative as standard. Depending on project requirements, PerroVista can design right up to AAA standard.

Site Maintenance & Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support services for your website even if it is not developed by PerroVista. Our maintenance and support services includes:

Web site Updates and Modifications. Our maintenance & support services can cover most of regular updates to the website, e.g. contact details modifications, content updates, new page creation etc.

Web Development Bug Fixing. Any web application may have bugs due to the techonology version, database size or combination with other applications as time goes. Our team can help you for the application analysis and bug fixing.

PerroVista accepts support and maintenance request via email. Support issues can be discussed over the phone but the client must send an email to confirm your request; otherwise we cannot log the request and guarantee its completion.

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