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Belgium Fuel Prices

Belgium fuel prices

Check out the current Belgium fuel prices. You can refuel different types of fuel in Belgium. Not all fuels are equally available.

Current Fuel Prices in Belgium

Current E10 price Belgium
The current price of E10 in Belgium is €1.83.

Current B7 price Belgium
The current price of B7 in Belgium is €1.86.

Current petrol price (Euro 95) Belgium
The current price of Euro 95 in Belgium is €1.83.

Current petrol price (Euro 98) Belgium
The current price of Euro 98 in Belgium is € 1.90.

Current diesel price Belgium
The current price of diesel in Belgium is €1.87.

Current LPG price Belgium
The current price of LPG in Belgium is €0.62.

Fuels in Belgium

Gasoline in Belgium

E5 – E10

  • Euro 95 E10 (SP95 E10 / Euro 95 E10 / Super 95 E10 / Eurosuper 95 E10), gasoline with 95 octane and 10% bio-ethanol, is readily available.
  • Petrol with 95 octane and 5% ethanol is no longer available in Belgium.
  • Superplus 98 E5 (Super 98 (E5) / Superplus / Eurosuper 98 / Essence Super Sans Plomb / SP98), gasoline with 98 octane and up to 5% bioethanol, is readily available.
  • For older cars that still need leaded petrol, a lead substitute can be purchased at petrol stations that can be added to the petrol if necessary.

Diesel in Belgium


  • Diesel (Diesel / Gazole) is readily available. B7 contains a maximum of 7% biodiesel.

Gas in Belgium


  • LPG (LPG / GLP) is reasonably available. There are about 350 LPG filling stations in Belgium (source: mylpg.eu). For more information and an overview of LPG stations, visit mylpg.eu.
  • To be able to refuel LPG, a Europanippel (ACME) is required for a LPG installation with a standard connection (bayonet).


  • Natural gas (GNvert / CNG) is available at about 135 filling stations (source: ngva.eu). For an up-to-date overview of all locations, visit cngeurope.com or use the PitPoint app for IOS or Android to find natural gas filling stations.


  • Hydrogen (H2) is currently available at only 2 public filling stations for passenger cars in Belgium (source: eafo.eu).
  • Go to hydrogennet.eu/nl for more information and a map with locations of hydrogen filling stations.

Charging stations in Belgium

  • Belgium currently has about 7400 charging points (source: eafo.eu), most of which are located in the major cities.
  • The network of public charging points is not yet comprehensive and traveling with an electric car through Belgium requires some planning and preparation.
  • For an up-to-date overview of the locations of charging points, for example, visit chargemap.com or plugsurfing.com.
  • To search for charging points, use the apps Chargemap (IOS and Android), Shell Recharge for NewMotion charging points (IOS and Android) and Plugsurfing (IOS and Android).

Fuel stations in Belgium

Opening hours

  • Petrol stations along the motorways and motorways are almost all open day and night.
    Other filling stations are in any case open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • On Sundays these stations can be closed or, for example, only open from 10 am to 7 pm.

Paying for fuel in Belgium

  • You can pay with cash at almost all petrol stations during normal opening hours.
  • You can also pay with a debit or credit card.
  • Note: If you are asked to provide your ID as a deposit when refueling, then preferably do not agree. In such a case, you can offer to pay an amount in advance.

Fuel stations in Belgium

  • There are several unmanned filling stations in Belgium, which are referred to as Express, Easy, automatic 24/24 self-service or pompes sans operator.
  • At filling machines, Belgian bank cards (such as Mister Cash and Bancontact), bank cards (with Maestro logo) and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted. It can also sometimes be paid with banknotes.
  • Foreign bank cards and credit cards sometimes turn out not to be usable at fuel dispensers.
  • Note: When paying with a bank card, a certain standard amount of € 100-150 is often first reserved on the account as a deposit (pre-authorization) to check whether the balance is sufficient for a full tank. Usually, within 20 minutes, the amount for which you refueled, debited and the rest of the money released, but sometimes it can also take a few days up to two weeks before the reserved amount can be used again.

Cheap refueling in Belgium

  • In Belgium it is cheapest to refuel on the outskirts of a city, in ports and in industrial areas. Prices are often higher at petrol stations along motorways and motorways.
  • Refueling is often cheaper on Sundays or in the last week of a holiday than on other days.
  • Look for petrol stations with the lowest prices in the area or in a specific place, for example, at carbu.com/belgie.

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