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France Fuel Prices

France fuel prices: check out the current fuel prices in France. You can refuel different types of fuel in France. Not all fuels are equally available.

Current E10 price France
The current price of E10 in France is €1.83.

Current B7 price France
The current price of B7 in France is €1.69.

Current petrol price (Euro 95) France
The current price of Euro 95 in France is €1.83.

Current petrol price (Euro 98) France
The current price of Euro 98 in France is € 1.90.

Current diesel price France
The current price of diesel in France is €1.69.

Current LPG price France
The current price of LPG in France is €0.99.


France fuel prices – fuels in France

France fuel prices – gasoline

  • Sans Plomb 95 / SP95 / Eurosuper is hardly available anymore on the highway and has been replaced by E10. Outside the highways, Sans Plomb 95 / SP95 / Eurosuper is better available.
  • Premium unleaded E10 ( Sans Plomb 95-E10 / SP95-E10 ) is readily available. E10 is unleaded petrol with octane number 95 containing 10% bioethanol (the regular Sans Plomb 95 normally contains 5% bioethanol).
  • Please note: Before traveling, check whether your vehicle is suitable for driving on E10. For cars and engines that can not run on E10, it is recommended refueling the premium fuel Super Sans Plomb 98 if Sans Plomb 95 is no longer available at the pump. This petrol with octane 98 is more expensive, but can be used without problems in vehicles that normally run at Sans Plomb 95.
  • Superplus 98 unleaded ( Super Sans Plomb 98 / SP98 ) is readily available.

France fuel prices – E85

  • E85 ( E85 / Superéthanol-E85 ) is a biofuel mix of 15% petrol and 85% bio-ethanol that is exclusively intended for special flexifuel cars.
  • Note: E85 is not suitable for regular petrol cars. If you accidentally fill E85, do not drive any further and have the fuel removed to prevent damage.
  • E85 is available in France at around 1000 filling stations.
  • See bioethanolcarburant.com for more information.

France fuel prices – diesel

  • Diesel ( Diesel / Gazole / Gasoil ) is readily available.

France fuel prices – LPG

  • LPG ( GPL / LPG / Autogas ) is currently available at approximately 1760 petrol stations in France.
  • For an overview of LPG filling stations in France, go to mylpg.eu or stations.gpl.online.fr.
  • Please note: vehicles with an LPG system without a safety valve may not park in underground parking garages.

France fuel prices – natural gas

  • Natural gas ( CNV / Gaz Naturel ) is only available at approximately 60 natural gas filling stations in France.
  • For an up-to-date overview of all locations, visit cngeurope.com or use the PitPoint app for IOS or Android to find natural gas filling stations. See also gnvert-gdfsuez.com.

France fuel prices – electricity

  • France currently has more than 25,000 bornes recharge, or charging points (source: eafo.eu) most of which are located in Paris and other major cities. (For comparison: The Netherlands has about 37,000 charging points according to eafo.eu).
  • The network of public charging points is constantly being expanded. In 2017 along the highways ( les autoroutes ) 200 fast chargers are placed (charging time 20 to 30 min.), So you can recharge your electric car every 80 kilometers. Nevertheless, traveling with an electric car through France still requires planning and preparation where you should not only look at available charging stations, but also into possible deviating types of plugs and charging passes in France. For example, look for charge cards on kiwhipass.fr/kiwhi-pass-for-our-foreign-users
  • For an up-to-date overview of the locations of charging points on chargemap.com, chargepoints.com, plugsurfing.com and openchargemap.org, or search for charging points via, for example, the app Chargemap (IOS and Android)

France fuel prices – petrol stations

  • Most petrol stations are open day and night along the car routes.
  • Also along routes nationales there are petrol stations with a 24-hour service, but most are open from 7-19, 20 or 22 hours.
  • Along the smaller roads and within the built-up area of ​​small towns, petrol stations are sometimes closed between 12 and 14 hours.
  • The opening times of petrol stations belonging to a large shopping center or a hypermarket are tailored to those of the shops on site.
  • Please note that many petrol stations are closed on Sundays except along the car routes.

France fuel prices – how to pay

  • At almost all filling stations, cash can be paid during the normal opening hours.
  • Most bank cards (with Maestrologo) or credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are also accepted at the checkout.
  • At the natural gas stations of GNVERT can be paid with a credit card.
  • Note: Sometimes at manned filling stations, for example in the evening after a certain time, you first have to pay an advance ( pre-payment ) at the cash register for the desired amount of fuel before refueling.

France fuel prices – tank vending machines

  • At permanently unmanned filling stations with automatic vending machines ( station service automatique, distributor automatique de carburant ) can generally be paid with a bank card (with Maestrologo) or a credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and a pin code.
  • Note: When paying with a bank card, a certain standard amount of € 100-150 is often first put on the account as a deposit (pre-authorization) to check whether the balance is sufficient for a full tank. Usually within 20 minutes the amount for which is refueled is depreciated and the remainder of the money released again, but sometimes it can also take a few days to two weeks before the reserved amount can be used again.

France fuel prices – cheap refueling

  • In general, fuel prices are the lowest in France at unmanned petrol stations with fuel dispensers.
  • You can refuel cheaply at petrol stations that are connected to large supermarkets (such as Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Géant, Intermarché, Leclerq and Super U). Watch signs with center commercial to find these supermarkets. Outside the opening hours of the supermarkets these service stations are usually unmanned.
  • Fuel is considerably more expensive at petrol stations alongside car (fast) roads and toll roads than at petrol stations along normal roads.
  • Look for petrol stations with the lowest prices in a particular place at carbeo.com or on the website of the French government prix-carburants.economie.gouv.fr.

Spare fuel

  • A maximum of 10 liters of fuel can be kept in a spare tank.

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