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Italy Fuel Prices

Italy Fuel Prices

Below you will find information about the current fuel prices in Italy. You can refuel different types of fuel, but be aware that not all fuels are equally available in Italy.

Current Fuel prices Italy

What is the current price of premium unleaded in Italy?

The current price of premium unleaded in Italy is EUR 1.91.

What is the current price of diesel in Italy?

The current price of diesel in Italy is EUR 1.70.

What is the current price of E10 in Italy?

The current price of E10 in Italy is EUR 1.91.

What is the current price of super plus in Italy (E5)?

The current price of super plus (E5) in Italy is EUR 1.90.

What is the current price of B7 in Italy?

The current price of B7 in Italy is EUR 1.70.

What is the current price of LPG in Italy?

The current price of LPG in Italy is EUR 0.68.



  • Euro 95 unleaded (Senza Pb / Benzina Senza Piombo / Benzina Verde / SP) is readily available. Senza Piombo means unleaded.
  • Superplus 98 unleaded (Super / Benzina Super Senza Piombo Plus / Benzina Verde Plus), ie petrol with an octane rating of 98-100, is offered depending on the company under different names, such as HiPerform, BluSuper or Premium. In some parts of Italy this gasoline may be less well available.
  • For older cars that still require leaded petrol, a lead substitute for petrol stations can be bought that can be added to the petrol.


  • E85 (Benzina E85 / Etanolo E85) is a biofuel mix of 15% petrol and 85% bioethanol that is exclusively intended for special flexifuel cars.
  • Note: E85 is not suitable for regular petrol cars. If you accidentally fill E85, do not drive any further and have the fuel removed to prevent damage.
  • E85 is only very limited in Italy.


  • Diesel (Gasolio / Diesel / Carburante diesel) is readily available.

LPG/ Gas

  • LPG (Gasauto / GPL / Gas Liquido Propano) is available in Italy at around 4500 filling stations. LPG is readily available in northern and central Italy, but less well in the south. For an overview of LPG tank locations go to mylpg.eu.
  • In order to refuel LPG, an Italian piping (dish) may be required for an LPG installation with a standard connection (bayonet).

Natural gas

  • Natural gas (Metano / M) is available at approximately 1040 petrol stations. For an up-to-date overview of all locations, visit cngeurope.com or use the PitPoint app for IOS or Android.

Electricity/ Electric charging points

    • Italy has about 3800 colonnini di ricarica, or charging points (source: eafo.eu), most of which are located in the north of the country.
    • The number of public charging points has grown strongly in the past year, but the network of charging points is not yet comprehensive and traveling with an electric car through Italy requires some planning and preparation.
    • For an up-to-date overview of the charging point locations at chargemap.com, openchargemap.org and chargepoints.com, or search for charging points via, for example, the Chargemap app (IOS and Android).

Petrol stations

  • At many manned filling stations, drivers are served by service personnel (servito). The driver gives the service employee the car key and says: “Il pieno, per favore” (happy to fill). You do not have to leave your vehicle as a driver for payment either.

Opening hours

  • Most filling stations along the motorways and close to the border are open day and night.
  • Gas stations along the other roads are open from 7 am to 7.30 pm in the period May to September and from 7 am to 7 pm in the period from October to April. Please note that these service stations are usually closed between 12.30 and 15.30.
  • About a quarter of the filling stations along other roads (in and outside villages and towns) are open 24 hours a day and on Sundays and public holidays. Petrol stations that are open on Sundays are often closed on Mondays.
  • Approximately 3 percent of the filling stations is also open at night from 10.30 to 6 in the winter and from 22 to 6 in the summer.
  • There are also more and more permanently unmanned petrol stations, which can often be recognized by the indication aperto 24 ore (open 24 hours a day).


  • You can pay cash at petrol stations.
  • At almost all filling stations along motorways and at 80% of petrol stations along other roads, credit cards and bank cards are also accepted.

Tank vending machines

  • In the larger cities, drivers can visit the service stations outside the opening hours with refueling stations, which can be recognized by the designation fai da te (do it yourself) or the English self service.
  • At vending machines one can usually pay with banknotes (banconote), with a bank card or with a credit card. Often a banknote must first be entered in the refueling machine, and therafter you can refuel the vehicle (if the tank is full before the money runs out, a receipt will be issued by the machine that can be redeemed at the gas station store).
  • Be aware that paying with your home bank cards or credit cards at a dispenser is not always possible.
  • Note: When paying with a bank card, a certain standard amount of € 100-150 is often first placed on the account as a deposit (pre-authorization) to check whether the balance is sufficient for a full tank. Usually the amount which is refueled is debited in 20 minutes and the remainder of the money is released again, but sometimes it can also take a few days to two weeks before the reserved amount can be used again.

Cheap refueling

  • In Italy fuel prices at petrol stations that are not located near the motorways are considerably lower than at petrol stations directly along these roads.
  • At a self-service station (fai da te / self service), the fuel is usually cheaper than with a servo pump.
  • Look for petrol stations with the lowest prices in a particular place or nearby at www2.prezzibenzina.it or use the app Prezzi Benzina for IOS or Android.

Spare fuel

  • On ferries and in tunnels it is usually not allowed to transport a filled spare tank.
  • You are advised not to bring more than one spare tank with a maximum of 10 liters of fuel. This replacement tank must be specially approved for the transport of flammable liquids.

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