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Spain Traffic Fines

Spain traffic fines

You obviously do not intend to, but what if you do violate the traffic rules in Spain? What about the fines?

Fine handling

  • Traffic violations are classified as minor, serious and very serious violations.
  • Direct payment on site is possible. If payment is made immediately or within 20 days, the fine will be reduced by 50% (does not apply to serious violations).
  • If the fine is not paid on the spot, payment can be made at the post office (Correos), by bank transfer (Banco Santander) or online via The ticket shows how that must be done.
  • An appeal can be made against the ticket. This must be done within 15 days.

Points driving license

  • Spain has a penalty point system, but this does not apply to foreigners.


  • If the fine is not paid immediately, a deposit must be paid.
  • If the deposit is also not paid, the police can seize the vehicle.


  • After finding out about license plates, for example flashes, the license holder must submit the driver’s details (at the time of the violation). If this does not happen, the license holder is responsible for paying the fine. The fine is then higher. This does not apply if the car was stolen.


  • In the event of an arrest, for example after a traffic accident, the embassy can provide information about the case law and further course of events.

Fine rates

  • Said amounts are indicative and may in practice be higher or lower, depending on the circumstances under which the traffic violation was committed.

Speed ​​violation

  • Exceeding the maximum speed: € 100-600, depending on the number of km with which the speed has been violated and possibly a driving license denial.
  • A prison sentence can be imposed for serious speeding offenses

Drive through a red light

  • From € 200 and possibly a driving license denial of 1 to 3 months.

Violation overtaking prohibition

  • From € 200 and possibly a driving license denial of 1 to 3 months.

Crossed solid line

  • From € 200 and possibly a driving license denial of 1 to 3 months.

Parking violation

  • From € 40.

Not giving priority

  • From € 200 and possibly a driving license denial of 1 to 3 months.

Driving without a safety belt

  • From € 200.

Use mobile phone while driving

  • € 200.

Use of ‘earphones’ or headphones

  • From € 200.

Use antiradar

  • Use: a maximum of € 6,000.
  • Possession: From € 3,000.

Driving under the influence

  • € 500-1,000 (the amount of the fine depends on the income) and / or denial of driving and / or imprisonment.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs: € 1,000 and disqualification from driving; imprisonment is possible.

Not using a safety vest

  • From € 200.

Operate navigation equipment while driving

  • From € 200.

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